Animation & Illustration Services

AWR’s sister company, AWR Trial Solutions, has added animation, storyboards and illustration services as of 2017.  In this age of rapid -media messaging, compelling and accurate graphics helps keep your audience from “tuning out” and losing interest. Using depositions, witness statements, expert and accident investigation reports, we will create accurate effective visuals that will support your point of view and that of your experts, helping you win your case.

Our goal is to provide the most realistic and impactful services to our clients, and these services align with that objective. If you are heading to trial, arbitration or mediation and you need a comprehensive solution to your presentation and delivery, look no further than AWR Trial Solutions.

Animating your view point gives you many advantages.  Cutaway views, important details and perspectives unavailable to photography are easy to show and more cost-efficient

Often, still images of a point in question are more powerful than a finished video animation. Use them as poster blow-ups or insert them in your PowerPoint presentation to keep viewers engaged.

The advantage of using a medical illustration prepared by a certified professional is that their combined skills enable them to create an objective, easy to grasp visual which complements an expert’s opinion.