One of two riggers coordinating the positioning of equipment was injured when the crane lowering it nicked the edge of the roof hole and the rigging on one of the holding points failed, trapping the rigger between the equipment and the resting platform.  3D still images captured the dangerous nature of the installation and showed preventive steps that should have been taken to ensure the rigger’s safety, complementing an expert’s opinion.

Blueprints instructed installers that a grated sub floor should be in place before installation occurred.  By showing how little room there was to maneuver during the lowering of the unit, we showed the tenuous grip he had on the supporting girder.  It was clear that there was little to no margin for error for escape when the rigging broke, pinning him between the equipment and the stand it was to be lowered on to.

By showing the proper grated floor’s position according to the installation plans, one could see how much safer the worker would have been if proper procedures had been followed.

After final arguments, this construction site accident case settled for $2.75 million.