It is the legal duty of a business to provide safe facilities for their customers and visitors.  Poorly maintained property that plays a role in an accident can result in serious injuries even at low speeds.

We created a series of storyboards and an animation demonstrating how even a low speed impact in a poorly maintained parking lot could cause a coup contrecoup injury, resulting in a brain injury to a patron of this business.  The impact of the car driving into the unmarked 12″ deep water drainage ditch was so severe that the oil pan on the car broke.

The thrust of the litigation was to show not only how an unmarked drainage ditch contributed to the plaintiff’s injury, but how the business could have easily prevented the injury, at minimal expense, by either leveling the ditch area or providing cautionary signage and visual cues for the driver as they approached it.

Using location photos, satellite data and depositions, we created an accurate accident scene and portrayed the late afternoon light and its effect on the scene. By creating views of the accident and corrective action the business could have taken, we were able to present the injuries to the plaintiff in a compelling presentation.