In the early morning hours, a van loses control on an off ramp, rear ending another motorist who is out of gas and trying to push his car down an exit ramp to a gas station.   The motorist pulls onto the shoulder and turns on his flashers so that the car can be seen and out of the path of others exiting the highway.  The driver of the van following him on the off ramp is under the influence and not paying attention.  The impact is so severe that not only did the plaintiff’s own car run over him but the van followed for a second pass.  The severity of his injuries resulted in extensive surgeries, a prolonged loss of work and a long rehabilitation.  With numerous unreimbursed medical bills, the plaintiff sought redress against the impaired van driver.

Used to aid the expert’s testimony, these still images and an animation were very effective in putting the viewer at the scene.  Showing the perspective of the plaintiff brought reality to his words and integrity to the litigation.