Litigation Storyboards

A storyboard is an integral part of the process of creating an animation. Storyboard images get to the heart of a proposed animation and are used as a guide to direct what will be animated. Since the same degree of accuracy and detail quality is often used for both storyboards and animation, a revision to a storyboard image will always more expedient. By breaking a presentation into bite sized “chunks”, you can concentrate on each image without the distraction of your audience looking ahead at bullet point text unfolding or an animation, which can be over before you’ve finished your story. Use them as poster blow-ups or insert them in your PowerPoint presentation.

Planning your narrative, taking all the witness statements into account and developing visuals that support your argument creates a strong presentation. Litigation storyboards excel in ensuring clarity and cost efficiency. Rely on AWR Trial Solutions to help show the critical points of your argument visually.


Construction Accident

5 Vehicle Collision

Truck Jackknife

Construction Accident

Forklift Accident

Bike Wrongful Death