Trial Animation

Even if you never go to trial, 3D animation is a great preparation tool to strengthen your case. The ability to take an expert witness, accident reconstruction and police report to create a 3 dimensional scene can be invaluable. 3D animation allows a viewer to see the inner workings of a structure and enhance the persuasiveness of an argument.

We provide you with a low detail preview of your proposed animation so that inconsistencies in your reports may be brought to light. This allows you time to clarify issues or change an argument after seeing something that you may have not considered before. After final rendering, the animation can be used to show your strengths or cast doubt on opposing counsel’s argument. The process of creating a 3D animation allows great flexibility and cost savings. Once the initial 3D scene is created, outtakes for interactive PDF’s, storyboards and poster blow-ups can be generated. Should the need arise for motion, the building blocks already exist.


Side Impact Collision

Exit Ramp Rear End Collision

Forklift Accident

Multi Vehicle Intersection Collision

Construction Animation

Patent Animation

Swerving Truck Accident

Coup Contrecoup Brain Injury

Construction Animation