Trial Presentation

Trial Presentation

Technology has changed how trials are tried and won. With today’s technology and computer-savvy society, it’s harder now more than ever to present a compelling argument in the courtroom without the use of graphics or visual aids. Don’t be left behind–let AWR take your trial to the next level.


Visual aids help emphasize arguments, reinforce messages and clarify your main points to a judge or jury.
Trial Solutions understands the growing trend of using visual aids as a way to create effective and persuasive arguments. That’s why, using the most advanced trial presentation technology available, we assist in captivating even the most difficult jury with sharp graphics and sophisticated presentations tailored specifically to your case.

AWR Trial Solutions’ team can assist in the preparation, creation, or modification of exhibits including document highlights, tear-outs, digitizing and synchronizing video depositions and annotations for display. Our team can develop a comprehensive database tailored to your case.

Our trial technicians will work alongside you in the courtroom to ensure that evidence meets the Court’s approval and conforms to pretrial specifications.

AWR’s technicians provide complete technical support, including set-up and operation of all presentation equipment needed for trial, mediation or arbitration.

Technicians will work with court personnel in advance of the trial so that when you are ready to try your case, you can rest easy knowing all equipment needs are in place. Common equipment includes screen and projector, flat-screen monitors, and Elmo document cameras.

As Counsel on a case, AWR wants you to focus on winning the case … not whether the equipment will run.